About calibration and measuring instruments

Here you can read Elastocon's articles about calibration and different types of measuring instruments.

Calibration of a surface plate

Most measuring instruments, production aids and tools in the industry have been manufactured in the last 10 years or perhaps in the last 20 years. We often call, a little carelessly, those who are older than that antique or just really old.

Calibration of pressure gauges

Calibration of pressure gauges/manometers can be done with liquid or gas pressure. The advantage of liquid is that if a hose bursts - you get a shower. But if a hose with gas pressure bursts, there is a real risk of hearing damage.

Gauge blocks from Mitutoyo

How many people knows what a gauge block is? Probably a lot of people have never heard of gauge blocks, even though it is the foundation for all modern industrial production and has been so for over 110 years. Without exaggeration.

Calibration of temperature instruments

Calibration of temperature instruments can be done in liquid, air or in a block calibrator. What determines which medium to use is the type of temperature sensor and the temperatures in question.