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Portable Spectrophotometers for Solid Colors from BYK-Gardner.
spectro-guide management
Manufacturer: BYK-Gardner

Color and gloss influence the overall appearance of a product.

The spectro-guide spectrophotometer is unique as it measures both attributes simultaneously. Economical and reliable operation is guaranteed by the portable spectrophotometer’s superior accuracy and low maintenance efforts. 10 nm spectral resolution ensures highly precise color readings on dark and brilliant colors.

Color control has never been easier thanks to the intuitive operation and ergonomic design of the spectro-guide portable spectrophotometer.

The spectro-guide spectrophotometer comes in following models:

  • spectro-guide 45/0 gloss – Color Control as the human eye sees it
    – 45/0 measuring geometry

  • spectro-guide sphere gloss – Control the color hue
    – d/8 measuring geometry spin (specular included)

  • spectro-guide gloss S – Close tolerance spectrophotometers for toughest QC specs of interior parts
    – 45/0 or d/8, spin measuring geometry
    – Improved technical performance for 60° gloss in the low gloss range 0-10 GU

PDF-symbolDownload product specifications: spectro-guide.pdf

Video-symbolWatch BYK-Gardner's video about the spectrophotometer spectro-guide


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