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The grindometer is used to check the particle size in liquid media.
Manufacturer: BYK-Gardner

When solid materials are milled in a liquid media to reduce the particle size a grindometer is used to check the particle size.

In the coating and ink industries the grindometer is also called a Hegman gage. Pigment particles are in an agglomerated state. The agglomerates are milled to produce smaller aggregates or the primary particles.

The Hegman grind is a fast simple test to determine the presence of coarse particles and their approximate size. A determination can be made to continue the milling process.

Grindometers come in different sizes, scale units, and scale ranges. The BYK-Gardner has Hegman gages to comply with ISO and ASTM method

  • Grind blocks made of high quality stainless steel for extended use
  • Single or dual channel designs
  • Selection of different lengths and widths
  • Wide variety of grind scales: microns, Hegman, Mils, NPIRI

PDF-symbolDownload product specifications: Fineness_of_Grind_Gages.pdf

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