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Q-SUN Xe-1 Xenon Test Chamber

Tabletop lightfastness, colorfastness, and photostability chamber, wich can reproduce full-spectrum sunlight and rain. Horizontal mounting on flat specimen tray.
Manufacturer: Q-Lab

The Q-SUN Xe-1 xenon arc chamber reproduces the damage caused by full-spectrum sunlight and rain. In a few days or weeks, the Q-SUN tester can reproduce the damage that occurs over months or years outdoors.

The Q-SUN Xe-1 tester is a tabletop lightfastness, colorfastness, and photostability chamber. It has a single xenon arc lamp and is available with optional water spray and chiller. Its small scale is perfect for a lab with a limited budget or only an occasional need for testing. Installation of the Xe-1 tester is simple and specimens can be conveniently mounted horizontally on its flat specimen tray.

The Q-SUN Xe-1 tester is the simplest, most reliable, and easiest to use xenon arc test chamber available.

PDF-symbolDownload product brochure: Q-SUN brochure.pdf (4.14 MB)

Watch Q-Lab's video about the Q-SUN Xe-1

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