Här kan du läsa artiklar om provnings­metoder för bland annat gummi- och plastmaterial.

ISO 34 – Tear test methods

The tear strength of a material is a compound property of the force require to initiate a tear in the material and the force required to propagate the tear. Tear tests are performed similarly to common tensile tests for rubber.

Elastocon Tension Set Rig EV 04

Tension set can be used either with constant strain (here called method A) or constant load (method B), meaning you either keep it at a certain elongation for a set duration or use a certain weight.

Bareiss abrasive wear tester

The most readily accessible method for the determination of the resistance of rubber to abrasion is to use an abrasive wear tester, where a rubber piece is mounted under a weight and exposed to a rotating drum with an abrasive sheet for a fixed distance.

Illustration of the three materials' compression set development

Compression set is a test method that is often used for short durations to study how much of its elastic properties an elastomeric material can retain after strain in heat. It is often used to investigate how well vulcanized a material is, due to its relatively fast and easy procedure.